October 29, 2008

Trunk or Treat

We had a busy weekend this last one! We had card night at our house on Friday and my Mom and Aunt LaQuinta came up so that they could keep Miss P on Saturday while we went to the awful UT vs Alabama game and so that they could see her cute Halloween costume!

This past Sunday night our church had "Trunk or Treat". We always dress up and decorate our trunk as a theme with last year being the Wizard of Oz and this year, Charlotte's Web! Peyton had a cute little piggy costume so she went as Wilbur and I went as Fern the main character! We had a blast decorating our barn and she enjoyed seeing all the other kiddos dressed up. Our good friends, the Morris', even came up from Mississippi while they were on vacation to join our festivities!

We had a wonderful time and loved giving out candy to kiddos in our community. Peyton was even on the mailer sent out to every household in Bellevue! I hope to scan a picture of it later and post it!

Isn't my piggy cute??

Our 'trunk' decorated like a barn!

Miss P enjoyed sitting in our candy bowl

Our family


Anonymous said...

LOVED being with The Brogdon's of Bellevue this weekend. It was so much fun keeping Peyton. Aunt LaQuinta and I laughed a lot! Enjoyed seeing the folks at "Trunk or Treat"...This was so good for us....I love you all so very much....Mama "B"....

Christie S said...

Too cute! That was quite a trunk decoration!

Chris Torrence said...

We really enjoyed the pictures. Your farm scene/ barn looks so good! YOu guys go all out! And your costumes, especially little Wilbur topped it off incredibly. YOu look so cute. Can't believe she is crawling!

ConfidentUntilCompletion said...

I have to say that your trunk or treat was way better than our trunk or treat. I didn't even think of decorating the trunk (our first time at our new church.) Love the family theme!