October 28, 2009

Trunk or Treat!

This past Sunday was our "Trunk or Treat" at church. Peyton loves Elmo...or "Melmo" as she calls him. Every day she likes to watch a little Elmo and play with her Sesame Street characters. I still can't believe she likes it so much. Stephen and I are getting a kick out of watching new episodes that still have the same adults on it, and that they still show the same animations. My favorite is the pinball (singing in the background...) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 do do do and Stephen likes the Ladybug picnic.

After much consideration and searching, I decided that she could be Elmo for this year. We always dress up together as a family, so Stephen was Cookie Monster and I was Big Bird. Everyone at church was disappointed that we didn't do a trunk this year, but we want Peyton to have fun doing this for a few years...then we'll go back to giving out treats!

So, after days of playing with the costume, I decided to put the costume on Miss P. The first day was ok...the second was better...then on Friday, Peyton freaked out!!!! Tears were involved too. So I was not looking forward to Sunday. I have to admit, I bribed her...a smartie for one foot/arm etc. IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!! She kept it on, no problems at all! The hood part was a bit too large and she had a hard time seeing while riding in her stroller, so she took it off every now and then!

I hope you enjoy!

Playing outside before leaving

Miss P after getting dressed

Our Sesame Street family!

Peyton was given a blue sucker...can you tell?

October 13, 2009

It's Fall...and pumpkins are here!

Hard to believe my favorite time of the year is here! I love the smells of Fall. Reminders of good ole days at high school football games, working the concession stand with Mom, and band contests on Saturdays. UT football season is here and the holidays are coming soon. My how the year is flying by!
Stephen and I decided this year would be Peyton's first year to go to a Pumpkin Patch. We met the Beans at Gentry's Farm in Franklin.

First, we went on the "hay"-ride, minus the hay

Peyton loved riding and seeing the cows and sheep!

Tee and Peyton liked being in the wagon and seeing the animals.

Peyton had a blast riding the little tractors around...

A little photo opportunity before the pumpkin patch

Daddy and Peyton having a fun walk to the patch

Look at all the pumpkins!

Peyton picked out a small pumpkin and a medium one!

Look at the 'punkins' and my little punkin bug!

July 6, 2009

Vacation 2009

Well, it's been only 2 months since my last post. I guess I'm not too far behind! May brought us our choral concert, Mother's Day, the Bellevue Picnic, and a Memorial day weekend trip to the Torrence's house! June brought us our 6th Wedding Anniversary, Father's Day, a trip to the Thompson's lake house, and Peyton's first beach trip.

We have been blessed to find such good friends at Bellevue and were invited to go to the beach with the Rampy family! They are like family to Stephen and I, and Peyton loves their girls! Robert and Jackson Neese also joined our clans for a fun time in SeaCrest Beach near Seaside.
We had 5 fun filled days on the beach, in the pool and chilling at our little beach house.

Our family beach photo
Peyton getting ready to nap

Peyton loved the waves!

All smiles

Miss P and Daddy taking a walk on the beach, safe in the lifejaket!

The little princess

Our beach shelter

Miss P and Dad loving the water!

Peyton even loved the sand!

April 21, 2009

Spring is Here!

Peyton loves being outside... When it is cold or not pretty, we have to keep the blinds up so she can look out the bay windows. This Spring has been fun, and on a pretty spring day we went on a wagon ride in the front yard, complete with flower sunglasses!!!!

Too long since my last blog...

Ok, so I am really far behind on my blogging... Here's an update!
On Valentine's day we went to Peyton's first Predators game! She absolutely loved seeing the players skate around and was waving at them the whole time. The only thing she didn't like was the buzzer for the goals and she didnt' really like meeting Nash after the game!

Our Family
Mommy and P cheesing!

Dad and P watching the players...

Peyton was not happy to meet Nash...

February 10, 2009

Where has the year gone?

Wow, my baby girl is 1 year old!!! Hard to believe it has come so fast. It just seems like yesterday she was being placed in my arms for the first time. I know it will seem like just a few months and she will be in college... or getting married, uh! Stephen and I are so blessed to have her. She is such a little ham and definitely a gift from God. Her antics keep us in stitches! It's no surprise she is a "people person".

Our Family

Newborn Peyton 2-4-08

Peyton had a wonderful birthday on the 4th. Unfortunately I had to work in Dickson. She went to NCS that day and shared muffins with her buddies during snack time. I wanted to do something that I knew all the kiddos would eat and that didn't have icing. Mrs Kim was thankful for that :). Peyton had fun playing with her buddies and then enjoyed the night with Daddy at church.

Birthday morning All smiles at NCS Ava, Chase and Dalyn at NCS

Peyton and Lily Rose ready for muffins mmmmmmmmmm

Saturday the 7th was her party. No surprise she was the funniest girl and loved the attention. There are so many funny pictures and videos. She enjoyed being around everyone, but still wasn't that interested in opening presents. Of course she loved the tissue paper!
The funniest thing was when we opened her gift from mommy and daddy. I had bought a pottery barn chair with her name on it. I didn't think she would even know what it was or what to do with it, but she just smiled and climbed right in. She was giggling so hard she cackled!!! She then sat down and clapped and laughed till we all got cracked up. The video is hillarious as you can see!
Then on to the cake. She was very interested in it and had a blast scraping the icing off and quickly scrape it into her mouth. She LOVED it!
We had a blast with her so far and cannot wait for the next years of her life. She is a joy to us and what did we do before she was a part of our family? We are blessed...

Her "Lil Princess" invitation and Publix matched it perfectly!

P and Daddy before the party Getting ready to open! Yeah a Bunny!!!

Her Favorite Toy! All the Guests Family Watching

Ready for cake... CAKE!!!!!!!!!!

After a bath! Whew!

Happy Birthday my Lil Princess!!!

January 14, 2009

What a big girl!

This New Year has brought some new things for Peyton too! We visited Mawmaw and Papa for our traditional new year's dinner and she got to sit in Stephen's highchair !

Then we headed back to Nashville, and visited Stride Rite for her first pair of walking shoes! We got a cute brown and pink pair and a white sneaker type! She thinks they are fun, but still doesn't walk on her own yet... unless she is pushing her Princess toy or her highchair around the kitchen!

We also bought her big girl carseat for each of our cars. She loves being in her seat... only another month until she can face forward!!!!!

She also has started going to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on the days I have to work. She goes at least one day when I'm off so that I can run errands that are hard to do with an almost 1 year old! Her teacher is Miss Kim and P likes her!!! Peyton has her own crib at NCS with a snowman nameplate on the wall! Her first day was not fun for her, she was not a happy girl and missed us too much. She has now been going for 2 weeks and had a good day all day today 1-14-09!

She also has been using a cup everyday at least once since before Thanksgiving. I decided to get her off the bottle completely going cold turkey and she hasn't had a bottle for almost a week! What a big girl she is now! It is hard to believe that she will be a year in less than 20 days!

New Year's day in Daddy's highchair

Look at me in my big girl car seat with new shoes from Stride Rite!

First day at Nashville Christian School

Walking behind my Princess toy!

Drinking from my cup!